Wednesday, April 28, 2010

people are trouble

It’s a quiet, beautiful morning.
I walk the large avenues, crowded with people, hyper-illuminated by the light reflecting from the large glass windows.
Each and everyone owns their individual craft or ship. I look at them at eye level as they pass me. Nobody looks back or even notices me, occupied in manning their ship, taking them where they want or just where they can or have to go.
I guess I know why people enclose themselves in their little ships. It is because other people are trouble.
People are trouble - you find confirmation of it in corners, in lying volumes hiding under car crosses and passageways. Those volumes are destitute people getting sleep during daylight, resting from night fears, feeling safe by the number of others going by.
People get sick with virus and bacteria, get maimed by bombs and car wrecks, people get heartbroken by other people, this is happening at all times, producing a vastness of pain and tears filling oceans, enlarging deserts, making volcanoes to erupt.
People always want something from you, at least some minutes of your precious time. As a safeguarding procedure you should stay away from people, animals are ok, they like you and help you, you can use and leave them at anytime, a new one can always replace the old or lost ones, its differences quickly forgotten.
People pretend to be different and unique, they fool you with kindness, with bright eyes and kind words. People have hearts and minds, people have dreams, dreams to share, dreams you used to dream before you knew better.
I’m at work now, safe, hidden in tasks and numbers, I will feel better as day goes by. Later in the evening I will watch the football on TV, I will eat, sleep. I will be ok, I will not be worrying about people anymore, I also have my dogs, yes I almost forgot I will have to feed them too, to walk them. That will be nice, they will be all happy, wagging their tails, licking my hands.

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