Tuesday, April 27, 2010

the characters she plays

Cindy Sherman is a famous actress and photographer who turned the camera on herself: something that had been done before but not not in the innovative manner of Cindy Sherman. Typically we call the works Self Portraits when the artist turns the camera on oneself. A Self portrait typically reveals something about the artist, but in the case of Cindy Sherman the portraits would reveal a statement on society. She was able to create a commentary of sorts on women’s role in society by photographing herself in various genre. Although her photos created a commentary she would number the photos or leave them untitled in order to not reveal her true opinions or character. She would play many characters from house wife to prostitute. Although many may think of Sherman’s photographs as being self portraits they are anything but self portraits for the do not reveal her, they reveal the characters she plays.

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  1. There is no end to innovation.

    I wonder how long she had to sit still in that bottom one, in the middle of a multi-lane road. Yikes.