Tuesday, March 16, 2010

ancient caligraphy

"Our brain likes to play with symbols. Instead of quarrelling with another person or being depressed by a disaster, we can look at life in a wider sense through symbols in a work of art. It is difficult to cope with a problem that we are facing, but it is extremely helpful to reflect upon our daily struggles while for example looking at a threatening wave in a work by Qin Feng. The wave symbolizes an age- old human combat with fate, which we recognize is more powerful than any daily problem. Looking at a powerful painting therefore is an experience to face life without fear: a personal disaster may be threatening, but compared to the power of nature, expressed in a masterly panting, a problem gets distanced and its threatening presence disappears. Nothing is going to happen to me, while I look at art, on the contrary, a master painting and its inlaid meaning may arise creative thinking and thus help to overcome a problem in real life."

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