Monday, May 4, 2009

Michael Kohlhaas

"Heinrich von Kleist’s narrative Michael Kohlhaas (1810) is widely acknowledged as a masterpiece in its genre. In the space of some one hundred pages, it unfolds a complex tale of a law-abiding horse trader who launches a campaign of violence against the nobleman Wenzel von Tronka following the illegal confiscation of his horses. The opening paragraph presents the reader with the main interpretative challenge in a particularly acute form, as it describes Kohlhaas as one of the most decent and most dreadful people of his time: a pillar of the community whose sense of right turned him into a robber and a murderer."

Justice is diferent from the rule of law. We are so patronized, this is not even a question we pose to ourselves.
This social democrat society we live in, numbs our perception, we are but lambs, silently grazing...and so on.

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