Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hammer and sickle

When I was a boy, we would be sitted at the table after dinner, all the men in the house and after the usual football jibbering, talk would turn to serious matters and my grandfather always said : "- One day the hammer and sickle will come to this country and everything will be better for the working man, just you listen to this. Every rich man lives in awe of that day, but it will come, take my word for it."
My grandfather was old school, he never knew his father, was raised with several brothers and sisters by a widow mother.
Very little he went to serve at the home of a rich farmer's family, when he was over 10 years of age no longer a little angel, he was sent to work in the fields.
Soon after that, he will be working at the cement factory, where he worked everyday of his life till he was 65. He was very proud of never missing a day, except the ones after he took a nasty fall and had to have open chest surgery to save his life.
I always remember the days when he got home with a naughty smile on his face, confessing to a celebration pint, usually a wine man he was, to mark the burial of another nasty fellow, that after all, went down sooner than himself.
He was a sweet man, always ready to be of service, never idle for a moment.

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