Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Found me thinking about Alan yesterday again, remembering his gratitude - he was my Internet before the Internet...Sent me a lot of tapes in the seventies and the eighties, when things were hard to get in Portugal and I was short of money.
Also sent me British rock papers and books, so I was always more or less in tune, with what was happening, when it was happening.
It was funny, getting Sounds and Melody Maker all hyped up with the Sex Pistols and Punk rock, while here in Portugal we were all chequered shirts, beards and revolution - all brands : Chinese, Russian, Albanese, Cuban, you name it...

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  1. this was an album alan gave me a long time ago. the last time i saw him we listened to it. he loved "wake up". i always loved killing in the name of. "fuck you i wont do what you tell me" was alan through and through.we are the same in that respect. i wish i had had the chance to learn more. the words he would drum into my head and that will now never leave,
    "its all in your hand"