Thursday, April 2, 2009


A while ago when I read Kapuscinsky's "The shadow of the sun"("Ébano" in the Portuguese edition I used) one of the things which impressed me most, was the story of some African herdsman who couldn’t live without their animals.
If they had to abandon them, they refused to be admitted into relief camps, even when that signified a certain slow death, without food or water.
If we remember the days of the Bosnian civil war(just a while ago) and the ominous sniper activities it included, we heard lots of ocasions of persons sacrificing their life for other human beings, the picture of the murdered Sarajevo lovers was all around, as proof.
Policemen, firemen do this all the time, scores of them were trapped inside the Twin Towers in NY and perished there, doing their jobs, servicing other people.
In certain conditions human beings, are able to abdicate of everything they possess, even their life if that’s what it takes, to help, to be of service.
This is a long pretentious introduction to a short message : this is the spirit we hope our leaders to be able to possess. This is the spirit that should guide their activities and their decisions.
But it has to start in each and every one of us, we are all part of the solution, let us be active and prepared.

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