Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The up-escalator

Seen "Slumdog millionaire" yesterday and must confess that I like it.
I like it in the same way I like "Purple rose of Cairo", I think in this day and age it provides what movies had been giving people throughout the years : escapism, a chance to dream, a common ground for hopes and grievances...
Like in "Purple rose", in "Slumdog" somebody from one side of the screen, switches to the other and magic is then possible...
Had read a S.Rushdie comment on "The Guardian" about it, but I think he completely misses the point about "Slumdog" and misfires, well it's a nice piece about adpating a piece of art into another media...
Also loved the soundtrack, which is perfectly adequate for the movie.

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  1. I really liked it as well. A 61 year-old friend of mine who was born and has always lived in Chennai (Madras) says that real India is much worse than what we see in the movie's slums. But, unlike Salman Rushdie, I think that Slumdog Millionaire is not about India - it could have any South American country as backdrop, for instance -it's a feelgood movie which captures its audience not only because of its unpretentious fairytale plotline (which is as plausible as the plot of that amazing blockbuster that was "Pretty Woman" in 1990) but also because of the candid nature of its acting and the honest, down-to-earth beauty of its actors, whom I must say thoroughly captivated me. The music, as you mentioned, is superb as is the vibrant photography and witty editing. It's the perfect movie for the troubled times we are living. I wonder if it would be as successful ten years ago.