Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Black Girl Dragging White Girl
Kim Dingle (American, b. 1951)

In all of her paintings that include black and white female figures, Kim Dingle. . . . [creates] an imaginative universe of race and gender relations where what matters most is the way females relate to one another. Breaking the taboos of patriarchal silence, which teach everyone that only the bonds between men really matter when it comes to gender or race, her images expose the hidden relationships that are infinitely more vital to our understanding of race relations. As baby bearers and parental caretakers, females are the group most likely to teach any child about the nature of race and gender, and those lessons last lifetimes. . . .
- bell hooks, Distinguished professor of English
City College in New York
Text excerpted from A Capital Collection: Masterworks from the Corcoran Gallery of Art

Interview here

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