Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jeff Wall

"Wall isn’t obviously autobiographical: He may depict moments of great release but does not, in his work, fling his personal papers into the air. Instead, he worries about clichés and exhausted traditions. He thinks, judges, observes, weighs, considers. His decisive moment is the decided moment. An artist of this sensibility may seem impersonal to people who prefer a guts-and-glory approach to art. Others will find the detachment refreshing. Wall is not without his desperations. His desire to restore fullness to art—to revive that patient—is just more interesting than the usual soul-baring." NYMag
“Quando comecei a trabalhar digitalmente, estava sob a ilusão de que o computador estava abrindo um mundo de espaços imaginários. Mas, o dia-a-dia é um efeito especial. Não há um espaço especial que seja imaginário”. Jeff Wall, Jeff Wall (Tate Publishing: Londres, 2005), p. 55

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