Wednesday, September 22, 2010

famously obscure poet Jeremy Prynne

"More than 90 years ago, Ezra Pound noted: “We no longer think or need to think in terms of monolinear logic, the sentence structure, subject, predicate, object etc. We are as capable or almost as capable as the biologist of thinking thoughts that join like spokes in a wheel-hub and that fuse in hyper-geometric amalgams.” all was found here...

from 'Pearls That Were', JH Prynne                           

Shine ahead, cold star
like music on the water
in the wake of remission
from near, from far.

Take beauty’s injunction
as pledge for the chain
that binds up the open scatter
sprinkled in chill rain.
None so costly, none so clear
accepted on account
of pliant, client deception
to tarnish a fear.

And rise up to vocal induration,
lulled into fresh calm
by motionless, undistracted
insult to charm.

Es Lebe Der Koenig, JH Prynne  
Fire and honey oozes from cracks in the earth;
the cloud eases up the Richter scale. Sky divides
as the flag once more becomes technical, the print
divides also: startlight becomes negative. If you
are born to peaks in the wire, purple layers in the
glass format, re-enter the small house with
animals too delicate and cruel. Their throats fur
with human warmth, we too are numbered like
prints in the new snow.

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