Thursday, April 15, 2010


The other day a guy told me about how in Google Earth, they found scars at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, that can be the remains of Atlantis…

Got a new poetry book yesterday - it's quite good, this guy says deep stuff with the ease and elegance of a bowler...

My train passes by this group of aging buildings, I wait for the right moment to lift my head from my reading, face the window, for what I know will be there, waiting to warm me up: a glimpse of the glaring morning sun reflected on the Tejo river.

Funny how people devote time and attention to search thousands of photographs of empty ocean in the hope of finding a trace of something mythological, long gone, but still felt deep in the conscious mind.

Train was late today, climbing the subway stairs into the street I look around trying to find my usuals, nope, all new faces for me today, a couple of minutes represent a sea change at this point.

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