Tuesday, March 23, 2010


" Women are missing in their millions—aborted, killed, neglected to death. In 1990 an Indian economist, Amartya Sen, put the number at 100m; the toll is higher now. "

read this please


  1. Imagine you are a couple in China, and you know you are going to have a girl, and you are strong, you don't care what your society says, you will have her and raise her in love. What will her life be like? Will her grandparents let her know they wish she was a boy (I'm sure this happens a lot), will all the boys be after her? Will she be kidnapped? Would you live in fear all the time?

    What a terrible situation. I think I would want to leave the country if I had the means, but when you are born and raised there, maybe you see this differently. Amartya Sen is amazing.

  2. We should never try to play god...