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Sati may refer to:
Sati is a mental state that relives an event from the past exactly word after word, emotion after emotion in the present. Pali / English dictionary gives the meaning; memory, recognition, consciousness, intentness of mind, wakefulness, mindfulness, self consciousness, conscience, self possession, lucidity of mind.
Mindfulness (Pali). In Buddhism the word ‘Sati’ usually carries the meaning of awareness or skillful attentiveness
An alternative name for Hindu goddess Dakshayani, Shiva's first wife
Sati (practice), a hindu tradition of the immolation of a widow on her husband's funeral pyre
Bhai Sati Das, one of the greatest martyrs in Sikh history.
School of mindfulness meditation established by John Garrie Rōshi
An alternate spelling of Satis in Egyptian mythology
Sati, a character in the film The Matrix Revolutions
Sati, a novel by Christopher Pike
Sati (film) , 1989 Bengali film directed by Aparna Sen and starring Shabana Azmi
Violeta "Sati" Jurkonienė, a Lithuanian singer
See also: Satis and Sat (Sanskrit)

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