Friday, December 4, 2009

two shops

There’s this street, near my job with two shops I love :
one sells books - some music on cd and films on dvd, too
Facing it, the other shop sells flowers.
(I quite don’t know which one I like better.)

Well, in this bookshop, you are free to browse the books,
People are friendly and nice, you can sit awhile there
listen to some music, even have a coffee…
No strings attached, it’s urban and modern, civil.
The florist, I just peer at, from the outside,
They left the woodwork of the building to show
painted it in pastel colors, everything seems so nice,
out of place in the middle of the city, like in a dream
also they don’t keep the usual flowers, florists use to have here :
industrial roses, look alike gerberias, colored clones all…
They have wild flowers, a variety of tree leafs and much greenery
you think of the countryside, of things tamed and wild
but mostly good.
(I think I like this shop better.)

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