Friday, December 4, 2009

power and poise

I guess that with great power comes poise. You have to give great speeches, to motivate a nation, sometimes you even try to be global, to address the whole World.
You may be a Nobel prize winner, but you still have to lead the businesses of war - the business of war. It comes with the territory, this power was given you for the general good, and for the general good you deploy troops, you set a date for the coming home, the only outcome possible : a victory - because that will be the common good.
And you keep your poise.

Guess we all should keep our poise, because we are entitled to have a say in defining the common good. We decide if we still allow places where women aren't citizens and girls can't go to school, we decide if we still allow places where they can maim you, because you steal, or kill you in a barbaric fashion because you're accused of adultery.
We decide if we should consider great powers, nations where people aren’t free to voice their opinions, we decide the millions who starve, the millions who don’t have homes, because everything we do contributes to that. Our leaders decide that, they decide how materials are valued, how skills are paid or they chose to let others decide that for them, all of us decide to believe in immaterial things : the market, the market laws, the deficits, the black swans.
We should all keep our poise. We decide what’s the common good. We deploy the troops. We even are the humans in the field.

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