Tuesday, November 10, 2009

True love

Juana I de Castilla por Juan de Flandes.

Felipe el Hermoso - Rey de Castilla, primero de la Casa de Habsburgo (Brujas, Flandes, 1478 - Burgos, 1506)

Francisco Ortiz Pradilla. Lienzo. 340 x 500 cm. Museo del Prado

Juana I. Reina de Castilla (Toledo, 1479 - Tordesillas, Valladolid, 1555)

Uma raínha atravessa Espanha carregando o cadáver do seu rei, cumprindo a sua última vontade. Depuseram-na invocando insanidade - será que o amor é loucura ?

A queen had to cross allover Spain carrying the corpse of her king, fulfilling his last will. She was deposed on fields of insanity - is true love madness ?

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  1. It's a good question. I wonder if the world's "great" love stories are stories of obsession, not true love. Stories that are as much about the lover's needs as the loved. When two people love and need each other equally and obsessively - then they go down as legendary lovers. And that is when they can be driven to madness when the other dies. They are incomplete without them.

    Is this, or is detached love better? New Age gurus teach the latter, so you stay whole regardless of circumstances. But to taste such love as the other - it must be a taste of divinity, no?

    Been thinking about this for a couple of years.