Saturday, June 6, 2009

la musica es amor

I.'s late in the evening, but shop windows still scream with incredible bargains...dark clouds advancing everywhere, millions losing their jobs, lots of others sacrificing leisure time to hold on to theirs, like if jobs are dear lives.
We go through the streets silently, on the other side of the street a blind couple goes by, slowly feeling their way with the help of canes, each one holding on to the other.

II. the middle of the Atlantic Ocean a jet plane crashes, because something that could never go wrong, did go the worst possible way...more than two hundred lives lost.
Just you think about it, things that shouldn't happen, do show up all the time.
Story of our lives.


...Years ago, was I younger and went to the famous Pére Lachaise graveyard in Paris, France to contemplate the tombs of some famous deceased. Looking for some otherwordly inspiration, I guess.
But what I remember now, is the old blind men, each with a child by the hand, waiting for the coins of the passers-by. In the street the walls were full of reclined black men, just waiting, nowhere to go, nothing to do just letting time goes by...the South in Paris, the deep South.
Awhile ago I read a book about Sudanese children, running away from war, fleeing their country, how they went walking in a single line, with the more feeble, walking behind, many times losing touch with the row, staying back left alone to die or be eaten by hungry beasts.

Somehow all this connects in my mind, as I try to grasp some meaning. The future ?

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