Tuesday, May 12, 2009

the Devil himself

"When the smack begins to flow, and it shoots up the dropper's neck, and I'm rushing on my run, then I feel just like Jesus's son." Behind it all, there's that strange keening, humming note. Listen to the Velvet Underground's Heroin on headphones and you realise it's not feedback after all, not a synthesised warble, but the rich timbre of a violin playing a single note, held for a disturbingly long time. It's the darkest thing in the darkest of songs. If Reed sounds as if he's made a pact with the devil, then the musician who plays that buzzing fiddle - John Cale - must be the devil himself.

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How great that John Cale and Lou Reed could join forces - even though it was only for brief periods of time, the Velvet Underground is one seminal rock group, its sound being rediscovered time and time again.

Also have one of Cale's solo albuns, Music for a new society, as one of my all time favorites.(His version of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah it's also my favorite.)

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