Friday, August 31, 2012


"Xxxxxx's biography was in need of a plot and his worldview was in need of a moral."

found in Grand Old Marxists

Timothy Snyder - The New York Review of Books

Just at the beginning of Martha Gellhorn "The Face of war" she states that things with the Nazis were clear-cut : what they attacked we could very clearly support...Now in the days of the 50 or more shades of gray things get more complicated,  reality though is making a comeback and it's  costing us – but one has only to remember that in some parts of the world there was never gray, it was either black or white as always was, you couldn’t just stand on the wall, life always forces you to be in one of the sides of it…

Clear-cut : life will get rougher in Europe, just hope that somebody remembers the history of the XXth century and its wars…Hope that’s not the same path we’re following…Egg of the serpent looming in the shadow always.

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