Saturday, August 27, 2011

Poison d'Avril

There was a time when you could find postcards of almost anything or anyplace,
you even had the most appropriate postcard for every occasion.
There was a time when sending a postcard,
or receiving one for that matter, meant a great deal...
it wasn't so much that you believed in postcards,
that you believed in what they depicted, it was more that
you enjoyed chasing for the right one before sending,
or you appreciated the gesture and took pleasure from it when receiving one.

Sending and receiving postcards were what one was supposed to do then.
(I guess there's still people paying good money for postcards and collecting them, but it's not the same, is it ?)

Funny I found this :


  1. I guess postcards are still meaningful for those who appreciate that kindness or for those who are kind enough to return them. Receiving an email, a message is now a commonplace, postcards instead became a very special thing, don't you think so?
    Oh, but without hazing, such as poisson d'avril...

  2. Without hazing, yes...and a special thing I agree.

  3. Cute - my favorite passage is the one about the postcard to mum and dad :)