Thursday, February 10, 2011

sunrise today


  1. "Misty dawn, lilac sky,
    Weary spirits look up high.
    Early morn, brand new day,
    Rising sunlight brightens our way.

    Misty dawn, lilac sky,
    Each day your beauty maginified.
    All the world is in its prime,
    Each horizon yields a new springtime.

    Misty dawn, lilac sky,
    Puffy white clouds float on by.
    Across the heavens eagles soar,
    While far below the oceans roar.

    Misty dawn, lilac sky,
    All the earth must comply.
    Amber light, coming sunshine,
    Time to sing praises to the Divine."

    Visions of sunrise By Gil Saenz

    Nice Pics, once again...

  2. Muito obrigado ! Nice poem, I'm going to post it for everybody to read it.