Monday, September 13, 2010


Drawbridge mentality

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Drawbridge mentality describes the attitude of those people who migrate to more exclusive or more "unspoiled" communities and thereafter campaign to preserve the tranquility of that community by opposing further inward migration by people or businesses and, possibly, any development or refurbishment, including plans put forward by those already located there.
The term can imply a selfish attitude and can be taken as an insult by people who have strong affection for their home locality and wish to protect it from any changes. It is closely related to the NIMBY attitude.[1]
drawbridge was historically the hinged bridge at a castle's gates providing entry across a defensive moat for those occupying the castle. Raising the drawbridge to a vertical position was therefore one means by which intruders could be shut out of the castle.


  1. João, your text on the right margin is getting swallowed up in the sidebar.

  2. Yes, Ruth it is...I'm sorry I didn't notice, but then it's only a copy paste from the wikipedia.
    It's only a small reminder of how silly we all can be holding on to what we think are our privileges...