Friday, August 27, 2010

I like dove gray

I like dove gray

(Radioactive forests are menaced by forest fires in the East)
I don’t know who I am coming and going…
Eat, love, pray is a huge success,
Julia Roberts seems more the part than the woman who actually lived it -
Or did she ?

I’ve been loving so much this month

Listening now to a song named “sleep all summer”
I didn’t and pretty much enjoyed it :
Juicy days like ripe fruit, simple pleasures like diving into water
Mattering more and more, silver and turquoise filled my head,
For no particular reason…lots of very fresh rose wine
Leaving feel good tears on glasses.
(leave the deadly particles still, please don’t touch them,
Please don’t call attention to us)

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  1. Love those sweat droplets as feel good tears.