Monday, July 12, 2010

wide eyed, assured

I come across this picture of Susan Sontag today, couldn't help being touched by her beauty...after being touched by her mind. So I felt like paying a hommage to her.

"I am a crusader about the ill," she says. "Once you've experienced being mortally ill and you've come back, you have learned something that's worth knowing." She shifts on the couch, frowns at her hands and settles into a thought. "When you find out that you are ill," she continues, "your priorities are shattered. One moment you are in a boat, and the next moment you are in the water. But if you can take in the idea that you're going to die, there is a euphoria in it as well as great terror. Nothing else is real except the most intense experiences, intimacy. It can be exalting, even as you are reduced to this damaged body that is being cut up and made ugly and made to hurt and feel vulnerable. But it's passionate and turbulent and intense."

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  1. Yes.

    I didn't know until recently that she was in a relationship with Annie Leibovitz.