Monday, February 1, 2010

The heart cannot change

"The heart cannot change

For the heart that has been pierced by Eros' blunt dart cannot be conquered, even if the assailant were the son of Zeus, or he who inspires all sciences and arts, or he who knows harmony and turn it into music, or he who sees what is to come. All this and more is Apollo, the greatest healer of all, and yet unable to heal his own heart, pierced by Eros with the sharp golden point.

The Laurel

So when Daphne saw Apollo coming towards her, she had to escape. And it is said that while Apollo pursued her, she implored to Zeus to disappear from sight. And as her prayers were heard, she was turned into a laurel tree. That was all that remained of her, but Apollo broke a branch from the tree, and placing it on his head declared:

"Since you cannot be my bride, you shall at least be my tree. My hair, my lyre, my quiver shall always be entwined with you, O laurel." (Apollo. Ovid, Metamorphoses 1.556)."

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