Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy Days

este é o relógio que o meu avô Francisco me deu quando fiz 18 anos
this watch was given me by my grandfather Francisco on my 18th birthday

Really enjoyed to read this article :

"The harm of death goes to the heart of who we are as human beings. We are, in essence, forward-looking creatures. We create our lives prospectively. We build relationships, careers, and projects that are not solely of the moment but that have a future in our vision of them. One of the reasons Eastern philosophies have developed techniques to train us to be in the moment is that that is not our natural state. We are pulled toward the future, and see the meaning of what we do now in its light.

Death extinguishes that light. And because we know that we will die, and yet we don’t know when, the darkness that is ultimately ahead of each of us is with us at every moment. "

from Happy Ending
By Todd May

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  1. I just finished "The Death of Ivan Ilych" last night, at last, and this is quite a different sense. For pages and pages Tolstoy describes the dying dying dying of Ilych - and he - Ilych - feels he is going toward darkness, in utter misery spiraling down. At last in the final paragraphs, he sees the light approaching. This transforms his attitude, he feels hopeful that it is light, not darkness he is heading toward, and suddenly he asks his family's forgiveness.

    Maybe zen teaches us that not only is the present moment where to live, but that the future is light, not darkness to be feared.