Tuesday, July 7, 2009

full moon night

it's a full moon rising and there's michael jackson memorial cerimony on tv and I look at the moon and am thrilled...

years ago it looked like fred astaire was back, brighter, more talented, blacker but more important than anything younger...a lot younger, he would do shorter things, with less plot but our atentations spans were shorter already then and the glitter was all there

and I remember there was gloom after the Vietnam defeat and Watergate, people started to cheer on the bicentenary year but they started to sing and dance with mj and so america was great again, the land where dreams come true and while mj was king an iron curtain come down, Mandela was free man at last and pop stars were friends with politicians and raised money to feed the starving

dreams are all that matter, you can be black, you can be white, in fact you can morph into every living human being - if you have the talent dreams will come true and all over the world, no matter faith or politics, people believed you

but you dreamed of peter pan and of eternal youth and you tried to live in neverland, little america come to get you and get you it did, so you were left only with the dreams, people dream of you and that's where you live now

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