Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Urban society may seem a modern phenomenon but cities have been around for a lot longer than one might think. Indeed, once nomadic tribes began to settle in one location, they saw that it was good, became fruitful, and multiplied. Decades, centuries and millennia passed while war, climate change and human migration all took their toll. Relatively few ancient cities have managed to survive the test of time. Here are 10 that have not only survived, but continue to thrive.

It is true : cities promote civilization, but over 300.000 inhabitants sustainability becomes an issue...


  1. Cute: Senior City-zens.

    I lived in Istanbul - it's a Senior City-zen too.

  2. Hello Ruth, have you read Istanbul by Orhan Pamuck ?
    Istanbul must be awesome really the gateway to Asia and during the cold war a place were enemies see eye to eye...