Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Chinese Militia

The basiji of Iran

All my life I been having nightmares about clashing in the streets with the police of a violent policial state.
I was born in Portugal during the fascist years and that regime lasted till I was fourteen years old.
While there's been a general cleanup of memories, like we were all a big happy family, there were several wars going on in the then Portuguese African colonies and repression was a reality here in the European siege of the Empire, like the regime liked to say.
So I guess those nightmares come from feelings I must have felt early on my life, stories I've been told. I guess I identify very much with the people of Iran and China, but all State brutality worries me and it happens all the time, everywhere - thank God Bush is gone, they were complete paranoids, Bushites and were trying to convince all the Ocidental world to outsource security to Halliburton...

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