Tuesday, April 7, 2009



  1. What strange pairing, the painting and the song. I like both of them but can't find a common ground.

  2. Zeitgeist, I suppose, remember C.P.Snow and the third culture ?
    Well, it seems there's a new guy, a very bright one, which is young but already works with Nobel laureates, who published a book, where he tries to demonstrate, that there's a fourth way, combining art and science...One of the exemples he uses is Cézanne, and how he used masses of colour, to give you the vision of things : "with an apple, I'm going to astonish Paris...".
    Well, Prince is a prince, he uses all the tradition and virtuosity, to at the end of last century produce some of the best music available, so he also was commandeering his day.
    (Another swell time for this are the early years of the XXth century, with Picasso, Freud, Einstein and all the lot around...and Lenin and Stalin, even Hitler)

  3. OK. I'll have to digest that for a while. Little Red Corvette is from the early 1980's and I never regarded it as revolutionary or as a masterpiece. Art and science have been imbricated in each other all throughout their existance... I'm curious as to what I'm missing here and I will research "the fourth way". Who's the young guy?